Rethink how you deliver value, part 2: Estimating Value through the Lens Of Cost Of Delay

A brief note, much of this content leverages and is inspired by the material on cost of delay that can be found at, is an excellent resource for understanding cost of delay. It’s authors Joshua James and and Ozlem Yuce, are incredibly insightful on this topic. I personally have had the privilege to go […]

Agile Mindset / 28 Aug 2016

Rethink how you deliver value, part 1: Lead time and delay time

Within the agile mindset, delivering value looks very different than traditional thinking around this topic. For the next three posts, I’m going to cover three principles that are crucial to delivering value with an agile mindset: Focus your attention on lead time (= your most precious resource) and delay time (= your most toxic obstacle). Move forward with imperfect information, […]

Agile Mindset / 19 Jun 2016