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Are you looking to make your enterprise agile? Our services—leading-edge organizational design, first-class change consulting and immersive training and coaching—will ensure that your agile transformation is a successful one.


We professionally manage your agile transformation program. We explore the solutions and tactics that will result in meaningful and lasting cultural change. Using leading change management principles and practices, we ensure that your organization approaches organizational change pragmatically for your context.


We provide first-class consulting and leading-edge advice to promote organizational agility across your enterprise. We help build the case for enterprise agile change. Our services include agile health assessment, alternate funding models and agile workforce design, all to promote agility.


We co-create a new operating model for your organization; one that maximizes effectiveness in highly uncertain conditions. We arm your leaders with the skills they need to design, operate and improve an ecosystem of self-organizing teams.


We provide integrated coaching and training custom tailored to your context. This includes hands-on guidance, mentoring and education to maximize the benefits of agile delivery within your organization.


Our philosophy

We believe that your organization’s leaders are key to a successful agile transformation. Our focus is empowering and arming your leaders with the necessary design skills and management tools to oversee an ecosystem of self-organizing teams. We consider an agile transformation well on its way when your leaders can effectively operate a system of continuous change—and adapt that system to make the most of new opportunities as they emerge. 

We help achieve successful change by focusing on the pragmatic, while committing to a deeper cultural change. Rather than leaning on a single agile methodology or framework, we promote a shift in mindset made real by change in behavior.  We have experience coaching all levels of the enterprise which is critical to making agility stick.


Interested in learning more about Agile By Design’s philosophy, but not ready to schedule a consultation? 

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