Getting Started Towards Stronger Purpose

Strong Organizational Purpose, in a Nutshell A strong organizational purpose is one that allows it’s members to feel like they are answering to a higher calling. It guide’s peoples behavior and serves as a rallying point in time of crisis. Strong purpose serves as filter to which we can make decisions, and a moral compass […]

Uncategorized / 31 Jul 2020

The Alternative to Strong Organizational Purpose

In my previous post I wrote about ho Buurtzorg and Patagonia are two great examples of Purpose Driven Organizations. When all members of the organization make thoughtful decisions based on strong organizational purpose is it hard to think of any other outcome than sustainable growth, and profit. The counter to this is at there are […]

Uncategorized / 29 Jul 2020

Purpose Driven Organizations In Action

In my last post on Organizing forward, I wrote about the important of Organizing Around Purpose, and talked about the difference between weak and strong purpose. In summary, strong organizing purpose transcends profit, revenue, and growth. Strong purpose is solely about the market, or market outcomes, those are all a means to an end. Organizations […]

Uncategorized / 28 Jul 2020

Strengthening Organizational Purpose

In my last post I wrote how important Organizing Around Purpose is. We all want to be part of something bigger, and organizations function at their best when guided but strong purpose. In this post I’ll write about what makes a purpose a Strong Purpose. A Strong Purpose is one that allows it’s members to […]

Uncategorized / 17 Jul 2020

Organizing Around Purpose

Organizing Around Purpose is perhaps the most critical organizing principle I will present in this book.The remaining three principles, choice, change, and context are important, but they are a means to an end, they better allow people to organize for a reason that matters. The Purpose of Organizational Purpose All organizations are created for a […]

Uncategorized / 16 Jul 2020

Applied Innovation: The Basics

Innovation! One of those buzzwords that I’ve heard over and over in countless strategy sessions, but most of the time there is little understanding of what it truly implies. Throughout the following collection of articles we will be exploring the ideas and framework around innovation and how it can be applied in a corporate setting. […]

Innovation / 18 Jun 2020

What Corporate Innovators Can Learn From The Disruptors

Though over 20 years old, there is much that we can still learn from the late Clayton Christensen’s “The Innovators Dilemma”, especially when taken through the modern lens of current technology and management practices.

Innovation / 15 Jun 2020

Organize Forward: organizing towards agility in the modern age

There is a wealth of information out there on how we can be bettered organized for the modern era, in the face of constant change. But the information is in a lot of disparate places. This work promises to integrate and extends the material I have found most useful into a cohesive whole. A set […]

Agile Organizational Design, Uncategorized / 11 Jun 2020

Re-Thinking Agile Organizing Principles

Over the past few months I have been learning from what I will call “agile adjacent” communities . I have been reflecting on my own experiences. As a result I have been re-thinking the important agile organizing principles. I have been thinking about what principles will help us demonstrably improve organizational agility. The previous set […]

Agile Mindset, Agile Organizational Design, Uncategorized / 05 Jun 2020

Continuously Organize around Value with Kanban

Visually Managing Flow of Value Across The Ecosystem of Teams Using Long Term Planning with a Graduated, Visible Backlog is just the beginning in terms of how we can scale organizational agility to help a collection of self organizing teams become an ecosystem Of self-forming teams , as the complexity of our ecosystem increases, we […]

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