Principles To Guide Your Agile Organizational Design

Before I get into some techniques we can use to facilitate organizational design, as part of my next book, I thought it would be important to lay out a few overarching principles we can use to guide our thinking. These principles are: Organize For Cross Functionality, not Functional Specialization Organize Based On Market Pull Try […]

Uncategorized / 21 Aug 2019

Fundamental Agile Organizing Structures

The New Mental Model for Formal Organizational Structure For decades the predominant mental model for an organization has been based on the hierarchy. We grouped people, typically according to specialized capability, and put a single manager in charge of the group. As the group grew larger we in turn grouped similar manager’s and the people […]

Uncategorized / 13 Aug 2019

Truths, Myths and Lies about The Agile Team

Agile Teams in a nutshell Agile teams are awesome. The how and why of agile teams are relatively straight forward concepts. The value of why you would want to rethink your organization as a set of agile teams is reasonably apparent to most people I talk to, but let’s do a quick recap and touch […]

Uncategorized / 08 Aug 2019

Setting Expectations

SETTING THE STAGE Oftentimes when two people start working together, they can go through, what’s commonly referred to as the storming stage. They get to a place where they begin to rely on one another and begin expecting certain things from each other based on the requests they put forth. What they may experience early […]

Team Collaboration / 17 Jul 2019

Taking Inspiration From Organizing For Complexity

Recently, our team have been leveraging the excellent book Organizing for Complexity by Niels Pflaeging. The book is an awesome read for a number of reasons. This text is now serving as a baseline for us to better describe our own thinking and experience on the topic of Agile Organizational Design, so much so that […]

Uncategorized / 15 Jul 2019

Agile Organizational Design

The traditional approach to organizational design has got it wrong, completely wrong. More specifically, traditional org design models are a barrier if you want grow an organization where smart people make amazing decisions that delight customers and enrich their careers. If you talk to many in the organizational design profession, they will lead you down […]

Uncategorized / 14 Jul 2019

Agreeing on a More Agile Engagement Model By Playing Full Stack Poker

Full Stack Poker is a game I came up with to help further the dialogue between various stake holders who are tasked with getting the right skills into teams responsible for delivering value. I am still in the process of play testing the game with clients, practitioners, etc but early results are good, its a […]

Uncategorized / 22 Jun 2019

Approaching the Mindset Discussion with Care

OK, so now that we want to have a dialogue with others around Agile as a Mindset, how do we go about having that dialogue? What posture do we take? when do we have the dialogue and when do we back off? Who do we have the discussion with? How do we start? What kind […]

Uncategorized / 22 Jun 2019

Defining Agile as a Mindset

Ok. In my last post, I picked on various Agile Methodologies. It hurt to do it, and I may have offended a few of you. An important point, my issue is not with these Agile Methodologies. It’s with the idea that we can describe Agile as a methodology. That’s why I included the awesome Agile […]

Uncategorized / 01 Jun 2019

Defining Agile Using an Agile Methodology

What do we mean when we say “we are Agile” (Don’t forget to capitalize the A)? When you say Agile are you talking about the same thing I am? Do we agree when we say we are done our Agile Transformation? No, we don’t. My definition of what it means for an team/department/organization/enterprise to be […]

Uncategorized / 29 May 2019