Whiplash Agile Podcast

At Agile by Design, we believe that sometimes you need to move backward to go forward and that there are always valuable lessons to be learned from someone’s else’s trials and tribulations. On Whiplash Agile, you’ll hear compelling stories told by people who have deep in the trenches experience with agile transformations.

A big focus of our podcast is about people’s struggles, and the very real stumbles that happen as they move through their agile journey, before ultimately gaining a measure of success.  My guests embody the change that they want their organizations to achieve, only because they learned the hard way how to radically transform how their companies think, communicate and collaborate.

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Episode 1: Scott Ambler

In this episode, our host Jeff Anderson engages in an insightful conversation with Scott Ambler, the pioneer behind ‘Disciplined Agile Delivery’. Together, they talk about the complexities and transformative power of Agile in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Scott Ambler is a distinguished figure in the Agile community, known for his groundbreaking work in developing the ‘Disciplined Agile Delivery’ framework. With a career spanning over two decades, Ambler has authored several influential books on Agile and Lean methodologies, contributing significantly to the evolution of project management practices. His insights in this episode are invaluable for anyone looking to enhance their understanding of Agile principles and their practical application.

Episode 2: Brent Reynolds

Join host Jeff Anderson as he delves into the dynamic world of ‘Adaptive Planning’ with our special guest, Brent Reynolds.  This episode is a treasure trove for anyone looking to revolutionize their project management strategies.

In this episode, Brent Reynolds, a visionary in Agile methodologies, shares his extensive experience.  With a career spanning over two decades in Agile project management, Brent brings a wealth of knowledge and practical insights. His approach to ‘Adaptive Planning’ has transformed numerous organizations, making them more responsive and efficient in today’s fast-paced business environment.

Episode 3: Colleen Johnson

In this episode, we talk about the transformative world of Agile practices with the remarkable Colleen Johnson.  Known for her pioneering work in making the Agile community more inclusive and diverse, Colleen shares invaluable insights on fostering a welcoming environment for all, regardless of their journey’s stage in the Agile landscape. Colleen Johnson, a beacon of progress in the Agile community, brings over two decades of experience in technology and Agile practices. Her dedication to creating an inclusive space where everyone, from novices to veterans, can learn and grow is truly inspiring. In this episode, Colleen discusses the inception of Pro Kanban in October 2020, a movement aimed at reshaping the Agile community’s landscape by emphasizing inclusivity, diversity, and practical learning.