Some initial writing on doing vs being Agile

What do we mean when we say “we are Agile” (Don’t forget to capitalize the A)? When you say Agile are you talking about the same thing I am? Do we agree when we say we are now “done” our Agile Transformation? No we don’t. My definition of what it means for a team/department/organization/enterprise to […]

Uncategorized / 05 Apr 2019

The final section of my next book will focus on Leadership that enables agility, and agility that enables leadership.

Agile transitions start and stop at the leadership level. Nothing will accelerate a shift in organizational thinking faster than when “official” leaders behave in a way that represents the new mindset. A big part of the mindset is that the primary job of leadership is to accelerate the growth of more leaders. When leaders put […]

Uncategorized / 28 Mar 2019

Another Major Section of My Next Book on will be what I have learnt about Facilitating Agile Transitions since I Wrote The Lean Change Method

Coming up with an approach that get’s you and your enterprise organized and moving along the Agile journey is challenging to say the least. It was the entire topic of my last book. This section will represent what I have learnt on the topic since I wrote it. The goal will be to prepare Agile […]

Uncategorized / 27 Mar 2019

A Major Section of My Next Book will be on Organizing Structure that Increases Agility

Agile is a way of structuring your people so that they can self-organize more effectively, improve how they talk to customers, bolster collaboration, and respond to change faster. Agile is also a lot more than that, but most Agile Transition Initiatives could do a lot worse than by starting and stopping with one simple premise. […]

Uncategorized / 25 Mar 2019

So, this Book will be written in as open a way as I can

Before getting started on any discussion of agile transition, its important to provide a description of what the authors mean by this thing called Agile. I’ve encountered many people that want a standard agile description, the reality is that there is no such thing, and very little value in creating one. That being said there […]

Uncategorized / 22 Mar 2019

Finally, I am writing a new book

It’s long overdue, but I am finally getting started in writing my next book on Agile transition. It’s been about 5 years since I wrote my last book on this topic of Agile transition, titled The Lean Change Method. The book was largely meant to help solidify my thoughts around how to structure Agile transition […]

Uncategorized / 20 Mar 2019

Designing a Brand New Agile Organization

Imagine that you’ve been asked to help somebody re-organize their business from scratch. They want maximize their agility, and group people into self organizing teams. Now imagine that we have open slate when it comes to determining the upcoming goals for the business and the value that each teams will provide has been left largely […]

Uncategorized / 08 Oct 2016

Change Management Kanban

Managing large agile transformations obviously has it’s impacts on culture. In fact, there should be no separation between “agile transformation” and “cultural transformation”. We’re currently managing a large agile transformation program. My favourite tool for managing the program is a change management Kanban board. We start with an impact map to determine the objectives of […]

Agile Practices, Kanban / 03 Oct 2016

Managing Agile Adoption through Observation of Behavioural Change

When trying to help a larger organization down the agile journey I have found it helpful to take a structured, but feedback rich approach to managing and coordinating the transition. This structured approach is based on the following premise: agile change is about a change in mindset and culture culture and mindset cannot be directly […]

Uncategorized / 02 Oct 2016

Delivering Value in Smaller Increments: Different Ways to Thin Slice Your Minimum Viable Product

At its core, organizations are demonstrating meaningful business agility when they are able to deliver value to the market in progressively smaller increments, minimizing the delay required to gather market and customer feedback. Almost all agile methods will include some technique to take a large loosely defined increment of work, break it up into smaller […]

Kanban, Uncategorized / 25 Sep 2016