Agile Leadership: What Is It & Its Principles
Agile Leadership: What Is It & Its Principles

Meet Rahim, a fictitious but highly desirable Agile leader. What makes him an ideal is that he embodies a blend of visionary insight and practical adaptability. Rahim is not just a mere facilitator of Agile processes but rather an inspiring beacon of the Agile mindset.  He champions an environment where creativity and innovation flourish, not […]

Blog, Continuous Improvement / 02 Feb 2024

Blocking Off Time for Deep Work

I AM IN MEETINGS ALL DAY! As I worked from home this past week, I found that my workload was gradually getting larger, my workdays were getting longer and I was starting to feel burnt out. I was surprised to be feeling this way. I was home, after all, and thought that would make my […]

Coaching, Continuous Improvement / 30 Mar 2020

Build a ‘House Rules’ Artifact

Often teams experience daily issues that they feel can be improved but don’t feel like they have an outlet to bring it up. How should a team maximize the ability to continuously improve? Here is the story of a team that was experiencing events that they were eager to improve, and here is what they […]

Continuous Improvement / 12 Sep 2019