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Agile Coach: What it is and What it Does

‘Behind every fearless player is a fearless coach who refused to let them be anything but the best they can be’ – Tom Landry, Hall of Fame NFL Football Coach Agile Coaching can be pivotal in fostering increased agility within organizations. They may be experts in Agile methodologies, but more importantly, they are experienced in […]

Blog, Coaching / 02 Feb 2024

Blocking Off Time for Deep Work

I AM IN MEETINGS ALL DAY! As I worked from home this past week, I found that my workload was gradually getting larger, my workdays were getting longer and I was starting to feel burnt out. I was surprised to be feeling this way. I was home, after all, and thought that would make my […]

Coaching, Continuous Improvement / 30 Mar 2020

Coaching From Home

THIS IS DIFFERENT… As agile coaches, we know ourselves as agents of change and servant leaders. Historically, the effectiveness of our service has been best accomplished through in-person human-to-human interaction and the exchange of ideas. The idea of working from home is, well, different. It brings forth a brand new world and one that calls […]

Coaching, Team Collaboration / 21 Mar 2020

For large-scale agile transformations, you need more than a mentor

As the demand for agile coaching surges among large mainstream organizations in Canada, a frustrating pattern has emerged. All too often, coaches focus on minimizing disruption to the team, relying on their clients to pull them into ceremonies or other working sessions. This has limited effect. Although there is much value in a mentor relationship, […]

Agile Mindset, Coaching / 06 Jun 2016