Agile Marketing
What Is Agile Marketing

Introduction Are you here to learn about agile marketing vs. traditional marketing? Stay tuned. In the last decade alone, technology has revolutionized the marketing industry, fundamentally altering how businesses reach and engage with their audiences. The advent of social media and data analytics has shifted the focus from traditional, linear marketing strategies to more dynamic, […]

Agile Practices, Blog / 02 Feb 2024

Values and Principles of the Agile Manifesto
12 Key Values and Principles of the Agile Manifesto

Manifestos have played a significant role in various fields, such as politics, art, and social movements, often serving as powerful declarations of beliefs, intentions, or views. From the Declaration of Independence of 1776 to The Hacker Manifesto of 1986, manifestos continue to influence and steer society and culture. What about the ‘Agile Manifesto’? To get […]

Agile Practices, Blog / 02 Feb 2024

Agile Frameworks: Definition and 5 Types

Agile Frameworks: Definition and 5 Types  At Agile By Design, we believe that Agile is not about unthinkingly following rigid frameworks but embracing a flexible and adaptable mindset that values customer focus and continuous improvement. But what are Agile Frameworks? While Agile Scaling Frameworks like Scrum and SAFe can be helpful guides, in every instance, […]

Agile Practices, Blog / 02 Feb 2024

Agile Teams: What Are Their Structures & Principles
Agile Teams: What Are Their Structures & Principles

Imagine you are part of a bustling software development team working towards a significant product release.  What would that team look like?  How would it behave?  How would you choose to measure progress and success? Here, the concepts of ‘Agile Team’ and ‘Agile Team Management’ open up a new perspective. I believe the ideal team […]

Agile Practices, Blog / 01 Feb 2024

Organize Around Value with Agile Long Term Planning

In my previous post I discussed the various agile practices that can be used to scale from self-organizing teams to ecosystems of self-forming teams. In this post I will focus on how members of teams in an Agile Ecosystem can collaborate to perform the Long Term Planning required to understand if they are organized for […]

Agile Organizational Design, Agile Practices / 03 Jun 2020

Change Management Kanban

Managing large agile transformations obviously has it’s impacts on culture. In fact, there should be no separation between “agile transformation” and “cultural transformation”. We’re currently managing a large agile transformation program. My favourite tool for managing the program is a change management Kanban board. We start with an impact map to determine the objectives of […]

Agile Practices, Kanban / 03 Oct 2016