Agile Environment - A Complete Guide & Examples
What Is an Agile Environment? A Complete Guide & Examples

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, the ability to adapt and respond to change quickly is more critical than ever. This is where the concept of an agile environment comes into play, revolutionizing the way organizations operate and compete.  An agile environment is characterized by its focus on flexibility, collaboration, and customer satisfaction.  Indeed, it […]

Agile Organizational Design, Blog / 26 Feb 2024

Agile User Story
Agile User Story: Definition and Best 3 Examples of 2024

User stories have become the de facto “standard” artifact that agile teams use to capture and validate the intended scope of a software solution. Yet despite (or maybe because of) their ubiquity, many teams still approach User stories from a very traditional lens, and fail to capture the value of the practice, something I call […]

Agile Organizational Design, Blog / 23 Feb 2024

Agile Project Management (APM)
What Is Agile Project Management (APM)

I continue to encounter many people and clients looking to Agile to improve project delivery. This helps me conclude that Agile project management is still a real thing and will be so for quite some time. It’s why people take agile project management training, with some going so far as getting certified in Agile Project […]

Agile Organizational Design, Blog / 02 Feb 2024

What is Agile Methodology?
What Is Agile Methodology? (A Complete Guide for 2024)

Agile Development Methodology? (A Complete Guide for 2024)   What is agile methodology? If you want to learn the answer, please keep reading this article. Agile has emerged as a beacon of adaptability and efficiency in the ever-evolving landscape of software development and project management- agile project management. However, the term ‘agile’ often triggers a […]

Agile Organizational Design, Blog / 01 Feb 2024

Rules of Engagement in Program Management

This story takes place as we lead a government-mandated multimillion-dollar, multi-year program. In order to deliver on this program, we need to work alongside and coordinate with more than 20 internal teams, and several external vendors. Each team has its own leadership structure, priorities, way of working, and language (yes language). In order to be […]

Agile Organizational Design / 30 Apr 2022

Organize Forward: organizing towards agility in the modern age

There is a wealth of information out there on how we can be bettered organized for the modern era, in the face of constant change. But the information is in a lot of disparate places. This work promises to integrate and extends the material I have found most useful into a cohesive whole. A set […]

Agile Organizational Design, Uncategorized / 11 Jun 2020

Re-Thinking Agile Organizing Principles

Over the past few months I have been learning from what I will call “agile adjacent” communities . I have been reflecting on my own experiences. As a result I have been re-thinking the important agile organizing principles. I have been thinking about what principles will help us demonstrably improve organizational agility. The previous set […]

Agile Mindset, Agile Organizational Design, Uncategorized / 05 Jun 2020

The Sports Team: A Good metaphor for thinking about roles and job functions in the age of uncertainty

6 year old soccer Who out there has watched their kids play a team sport at a young age. It is certainly a sight to behold, and its alot of fun. Some other truths.. No one knows how/when to participate No one is taking accountability outside of coaches and referees Everyone is interfering with each […]

Agile Organizational Design / 04 Jun 2020

Organize Around Value with Agile Long Term Planning

In my previous post I discussed the various agile practices that can be used to scale from self-organizing teams to ecosystems of self-forming teams. In this post I will focus on how members of teams in an Agile Ecosystem can collaborate to perform the Long Term Planning required to understand if they are organized for […]

Agile Organizational Design, Agile Practices / 03 Jun 2020

From Self Organizing Teams to Self Forming Ecosystems

Like this article? Read more in my book on Agile Organizational Design! The Need to Constantly Evolve Your Organizing Structures As I mentioned over the course of my book, if you want to foster organizational structure that increases agility, then you need to organize around your most important outcomes. We don’t know up-front what most important […]

Agile Organizational Design / 02 Jun 2020