The different ways different teams can work together

In my my first post on designing the agile ecosystem, I talked about patterns that describe how teams can deliver within a larger context. I then went on to discuss team service delivery patterns, which describe how a team can deliver services to its customers. In this post, I’ll discuss team linking patterns, which describe ways that teams can coordinate […]

Agile Organizational Design / 19 Jun 2016

To see how value gets delivered, follow the pattern

In my previous post on designing the agile ecosystem, I covered patterns that can be used to start defining agreements for how teams can deliver within a larger context. In that post, I discussed how team service delivery patterns describe how a team wants to deliver a service to a customer. In many cases, teams […]

Uncategorized / 11 Jun 2016

Rethink the way you organize your people

For leaders at the enterprise level, an increasingly pressing concern is this: What does an organizational structure that promotes agility look like, and how can we create it? Most organizations are structured as a hierarchy, with specialist departments like marketing, finance and IT. Within this model, projects pass through the organization, and responsibility for any particular […]

Agile Mindset / 05 Jun 2016

Achieving agility at scale through mindset and practice

A critical concern for many leaders is how to successfully improve agility across their enterprise. A number of frameworks in the market attempt to deal with this issue, and while almost all of them offer some good advice, they tend to focus on some process or methodology as the key ingredient along the path. In […]

Agile Mindset / 30 May 2016