Business Agility for the “New Normal”

It is important now, more than ever, to seriously consider making changes in your organization that maximize agility. We are witnessing a significant difference between those organizations already along their business agility transition path, and those that have not started.

Agile Mindset / 11 May 2020

Change Management Kanban

Managing large agile transformations obviously has it’s impacts on culture. In fact, there should be no separation between “agile transformation” and “cultural transformation”. We’re currently managing a large agile transformation program. My favourite tool for managing the program is a change management Kanban board. We start with an impact map to determine the objectives of […]

Agile Practices, Kanban / 03 Oct 2016

Agile for everyone else

Our team has been helping software development teams within big organizations shift their mindset and implement agile practices. Naturally, the word spreads. We are fielding similar questions from more and more teams within these organizations: “What is agile?” “How can it help us?” But it’s not the software teams asking. It is exciting to watch […]

Agile Mindset / 23 Jun 2016

For large-scale agile transformations, you need more than a mentor

As the demand for agile coaching surges among large mainstream organizations in Canada, a frustrating pattern has emerged. All too often, coaches focus on minimizing disruption to the team, relying on their clients to pull them into ceremonies or other working sessions. This has limited effect. Although there is much value in a mentor relationship, […]

Agile Mindset, Coaching / 06 Jun 2016